Why Change?


Image courtesy of Garfield Hall - www.garfieldhall.com

Image courtesy of Garfield Hall – http://www.garfieldhall.com

From the day we’re born, we’re subject to change.  Change is equivalent to development, growth, improvement, transition — impermanence.   However, that kind of change is out of our control.  We can’t do anything about it; it is intrinsic to life.  Babies in the animal, plant and human kingdom grow through the stages and phases of their lives and keep changing until the end of their days.  One stark testament to change is the lovely butterfly.  Do you remember how its life begins? This type of change continues without any initiative on our part.  It can’t be stopped; but there is a change that is initiated by us when we’ve reflected and determined that we need to do something different.  Change, initiated by us, is often in response to our desire to improve – improve physically or emotionally.  The quest for new results requires new action.

I have been a migraine sufferer for years and accepted it as part of my lot in life.  I endured seasonal allergies to varying degrees and quietly accepted that too.  Additionally, every year I had at least one or two rounds of the flu and a bad cold every Fall.  I was growing tired of this experience and took more interest in my physical well-being.  I exercised moderately and this also led me to be more mindful about what I ate.  It did not make sense to be concerned about the outside and not the inside, and I was making the connection between nutrition and overall wellness.  The real catalyst for me was learning that some foods were triggers for migraines and some foods contained allergens that could be triggers for allergies.  I did not begin with a formal diagnosis of what to eliminate from my diet but decided to experiment for myself.  This was the first step of my leaning into a plant-based diet.

What about you? Do you think you have any need to do something different about your diet – the way you eat?  Is there any need for change?


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